ENGR 201: Electric Networks I (Laboratory), Fall 2019

Dr. Yiyan Li, Office Hours: MWF 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Student lab reports
Download Filezilla or just simply use Windows Explorer for the FTP purposes.
HTML templates can be downloaded here.
Please follow the lab report format shown here to avoid losing points.

**LtSpice is available in SFH760: Open My PC - C Drive - Program Files - LTC, you can find LTSpice there, right click on the icon, and create a shortcut onto your desktop.

Sep 5, Lab1 Lab equipment and edit your webpage for your lab report.
Sep 12, Lab 2 Using LTSpice for circuit simulation.
Sep 19, Lab 3 Verify the Mesh Current Method on Breadboard and LTSpice.
Sep 26, Lab 4 Verify fundamental circuit theorems (Superposition, Thevenin's, and Norton's).
Oct 3, Lab 5 Operational amplifiers.
Oct 10, Lab 6 Capacitors.
Oct 17, Not labs
Oct 24, Lab 7 Inductors.
Oct 31, Lab 8 RC delay.
Oct 30, Lab 9 PCB design using Eagle PCB I.
Nov 7, Lab 10 PCB design using Eagle PCB II.
Nov 14 - Dec 5, Robot design.


Download LTSpice here

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