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2/22/18, Congratulations to Jacob Harrison who has been chosen to be a Fort Lewis College MARC Scholar! This is a two-year award starting June 1, 2018 and ending May 31, 2020. This award is dependent on continued NIH (National Institute of Health) funding.
2/1/18, Thank you for the generous grant from MOSIS, which enables Integrated Circuit Design at Fort Lewis College!! We will have our powerful server and Cadence configured this summer!!
12/1/17, Surprisingly, Yilectronics.com has many more visitors since I joined FLC. I am glad my efforts helped you guys.
11/21/17, The new review article in micro technologies for bacteria identification becomes the cover of the 22th issue of SLAS Technology. 
11/13/2017, Jacob Harrison presented his study: 'Rapid Single Bacterium Detection Using a High-Speed Video Processing Algorithm' at 'NIH-MARC U*Star Program, Poster Reception and Dinner' at Fort Lewis College.
11/3/2017, Dr. Yiyan Li, Dr. Kirsten Stor, and Dr. Matthew Welz received the Fort Lewis College Teaching Empowerment Award. We will work together to help the Computer Engineering and the Engineering students to improve their math skills in their freshman year.
8/21/2017, 'Total Eclipse' was happening. The photo was taken use the special sun glass in front of my phone's camera around 11:30 am. More about the 'Total Eclipse'.

Projections from my friend Tina in NJ:

8/11/2017, My new invited review article is published in SLAS Technology (previously Journal of Laboratory Automation):
Y. Li, X. Yang, and W. Zhao. Emerging Microtechnologies and Automated Systems for Rapid Bacterial Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. SLAS Technology, (2017).
8/10/2017, Just settled down and biking to school in Durango, CO.
7/25/2017, Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin. Farewell dinner with the Zhao Lab at UCIrvine. Thank you everyone!!

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