Audra Benally
CE 433: Embedded Devices

HW 1: Verilog and FPGA Basics
HW 2: Data Types, Operators, and Combinational Logic

HW 3: Combinational Logic Blocks
HW 4: Data Storage Units
HW 5: Sequential Circuit
HW 6: Video Graphics Array
HW 7: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART)
HW 8: incomplete
HW 9: Universal Serial Bus (USB)
HW 11: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

Lab 1: Vivado, gvim Installation and Preparation

Lab 2: Verilog, Vivado, and FPGA Basics
Lab 3: More about FPGA - Seven Segment Display and Others
Lab 4: Combinational Logic Blocks
Lab 5: A 3-bit Adder/Subtractor for 2's Complement
Lab 6: Basys 3 FPGA to Implement a VGA Driver
Lab 7: Basys 3 Board to Implement a LCD Driver
Lab 8: The Square Problem with Pushbuttons and Seven Segment Displays
Final Course Project: Translating VHDL Pong Game

CE432: Robotics II
Fall 2021 Labs

ENGR 338: Digital Electronics
2021 Labs

CE 351: Microcontrollers
Fall 2020 Labs