CE433 Embedded Systems
Tutorial 11: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Name: Audra Benally

Email: albenally1@fortlewis.edu

1. Title: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

2. Introduction: In this lab we got some practice using the SPI protocol. We did this by following the instructions in the lab. A couple extra modules had to be found from the textbook. The intended results are shown in the given video.

3. Materials and Methods:

                 - Computer
                 - Basys 3 FPGA Board
                 - Vivado Software
                 - GVim Software
                 - Pmod Ambient Light Sensor
             The only task was to follow the tutorial. In the tutorial listed the module requirements which could be found in the tutorial as well as the textbook.
The constraints file was modified to accomodate the ss, sdo, and sck input and outputs for the JB ports.

4. Results:

             Figure 1. Top module for the SPI light sensor module.

             Figure 2. SPI leader recive aka MISO code.

             Figure 3. binary to BCD module.

             Figure 4. Seven segment driver.

             Figure 5. Seven segments decoder module.

             Figure 6. Modified lines in the constraints file.


             Video 1. Task 1 demonstrated on the FPGA board.
    Video link: https://youtu.be/k-llTAmvq-w

5. Discussion
    For this tutorial, the task was easy to code and put together. I was able to find the modules in the text and understand what each one did. I had some trouble with the seven segment display for awhile but found my bug in the state value assignments. After this was fixed, the task was finished successfully.