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Nic Theobald
General Engineering student at Fort Lewis College

Mechanical/Mechanical Engineering

Nic Theobald is a student of General Engineering and Mathematics at Fort Lewis College. Alongside the common General Engineering courses, Nic has taken special interest in general mechanics, analog and digital electronics, and mathematics. He began his experience at Fort Lewis College as a student musician, focusing on woodwind performance, but upon taking Statics, he started focusing primarily on his General Engineering degree.  As Nic moved into his junior year, he fully discovered his passion for electrical engineering, during the completion of Circuits 1. Nic accepted a research position from STROBE during the summer of 2020, where he and a group of other students researched and developed a Machine Learning program aimed at classifying bacteria using Raman Spectroscopy. Following Nic's graduation in 2021, he plans on pursuing a masters degree in Electrical Engineering.


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