ENGR 338  - Lab 3
Name: Max Krauss
Email: mtkrauss@fortlewis.edu

Lab 3 - Layout the R-2R DAC

1. Layout the R-2R DAC in Electric VLSI using N-Well resistors.
2. Be familiar with Electric VLSI and LTSpice for integrated circuit design.

Task 1: Create the schematic of the subcells for the R-2R ladder. (40 points).

Figure 1: Schematic for the R-2R DAC made with subcells in Electric VLSI.

Task 2: Create the layout of the subcells for the R-2R ladder. (50 points).

Figure 2: Subcell layout for the R-2R DAC.

Figure 3: Layout for the R_2R DAC connecting the subcells together with a 10k resistor.

Figure 4: Ideal ADC connected to the R_2R Ladder DAC v2 with corresponding LTSpice simulation

Conclusion: This lab helped demonstrate how to use subcells in Electric VLSI to make larger layouts easier to construct. This lab was easier than the last one as I am becoming more familiar with using Electric VLSI.