CE 4 something Fall 2023
Lab 1 Reverse Engineering Burner Alert - Part 1
Mason Brady
Email: mrbrady1@fortlewis.edu

Arduino Recreation

Introduction: This is the process of me reverse engineering the Burner Alert system. A small PCB designed to mount onto stove knobs and buzz every so often when the burner is on. In part 1 I am using an arduino uno, arduino buzzer, and an MPU6050 to understand the logic of the circuit before recreating it with other components.

Materials: Stepper Motor, 2x Uno, 2x nRF24, Joystick

Methods: One joystick was wired to the sender arduino analog input.

The PCB I received had placed the pads on the wrong side of the PCB making it dificult to solder. I made sure this wasn't my fault by checking my EAGLE and putting my gerber files into a GERBER viewer. Both of these displayed the pads on the top layer of the PCB, the same side as the silk screen. I tried to solder the board anyways bending the voltage regulator pins so that it could be soldered upside down. The oscilator however had shorted all three pads together for some reason making me unable to solder the oscilator. I tried to cut the connection between these pads and solder a resonator between the pins buty even after this I was unable to load code to the ATMEGA chip. I think this is due to some part of the resonator but I was unable to fix the issue. The PCB can be seen below.