CE 351 Spring 2023
Lab 1 Building a Power Supply
Mason Brady
Email: mrbrady1@fortlewis.edu

Building A Power Supply

Introduction: This is a PCB for supplying 3.3 or 5V to a breaboard at either 1 or 3A.

Materials: PCB, lots of surface mount components

Methods: The heatgun was used to solder most of the components to the board as well as using an iron for specific dip and some surface mouhnt components. The finished board can be seen below in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Schematic of Power Regulator

The board was then tested but no voltage was observed at either terminals. The diodes were discovered to be backwards but this didn't fix the issue of the power never reaching the terminals. I was unable to find a fix to this issues since the currect power was exiting all IC chips and no components were getting hot after fixing the diodes. The final thing I tested was continuity probing and everthing appeared to have the proper continuity except for the final out pins so it seems like they are for some reason disconnected.