CE 351 Spring 2023
Lab 6 Photo PID
Mason Brady
Email: mrbrady1@fortlewis.edu
Photo PID

Introduction: Using a PID loop to stabilize LED brightness
Photocell, LED, arduino

Methods: First the OLED was wired to display text. This text was then updated to update every 3 seconds with the temperature read in from the temperature IC.

Figure 1. Circuit with OLED and 18B20 temperature sensor.

The esp-32 was then programmed to connect to the WiFi and through the thingspeak API, upload the temperature data.

Figure 2. Circuit and Teamspeak Outputs

Then a pushbutton was added to switch the WiFi ssid and password from my home network to the school's guest network

Figure 3. Pushbutton wiring.

This was then demonstrated in  the serial log.

Figure 4. Serial log of Pushbutton Switching Wireless.

Once everything was confirmed to work, a pcb was made.

Figure 5. PCB Layout