Student Researcher:


Jesse Duran


Computer Engineering at Fort Lewis College

Jesse Duran graduateed Pojaque Valley High School in 2015 and began attending Fort Lewis College Fall 2015 as an Engineering major. After exploring the differenet offerings Fort Lewis had, Jesse switched to Computer Engineering in Fall 2018. During this time out side of school he worked a variety of jobs including logisics in Denali National Park, AK, snowboard instructing at Purgatory Resort, CO, and as data entry personal at the Secretary of State office in New Mexico.

Jesse had always had an interest in computers and technology, however learning about the internal workings of them and the expanse of possiblites allowed his interest to flourish.
Jesse started doing research for Dr. Yiyan Li in November 2019 working to develop a field deployable low cost PCR machine. A joint conference paper was presented at  IEEE EMBC 2020. During this process he applied his learned knowlege of Arduino and circuits as well as developed new skills of machining metal. The next project he worked on was a Ultra Low Power LoRa Mesh network of temperature probes for hot springs. Currently he is working to make a fluorescent microscope. As part of this he learned how about microfluidic droplets, optics, photolithogrophy, and microbiology.

Spring 2021 Lab reports

Digital Electronics

Fall 2020 Lab Reports

               MICROCONTROLLERS                                                                                        ROBOTICS II



EPA-A Field Deployable and Low-Cost PCR. Presented at IEEE EMBC 2020.
Ultra Low Power LoRa Mesh Network

RENAU-Consists of a LoRa master and slaves taking and sending temperature data to be graphed.
Fluorescent microscope

EPA-Detects fluorecence passed through a microfluidic chip using built microscope.