ENGR 338 -  Lab 2 2023 Fall

Name: Ian Van Horn
Email: imvanhorn1@gmail.com
Layout of R_2R DAC

This lab taught how to create layouts and subcells in eletric VLSI

This lab requires the eletric VLSI software

Task 1: Create the schematic of the subcells for the R-2R ladder. (40 points).

Figure 1:Schematic of Subcell for R_2R

Figure 2. Icon for Subcell of R_2R

Figure 3: Schematc of R_2R Ladder using Subcells

Task 2: Create the layout of the subcells for the R-2R ladder. (50 points).

Figure 4: Layout of R-2R DAC Subcell

Figure 5: Layout of R-2R Ladder

Figure 6: Icon of R_2R Layout Set up for simulation in LT Spice

Figure 7: Results of Spice Simulation

Conclusion: The use of subcells allows for more neat and efficent design. The layout sucsefully simuelated the DAC with the same results as the schematic