CE432 Robotics II
Lab 1: Take Photos (Module 2 and 3 in Rui's Textbook)
Name: Audra Benally

Email: albenally1@fortlewis.edu

1. Title: Take Photos (Module 2 and 3 in Rui's Textbook)

2. Introduction: In this second lab of the semester the ESP32-CAM is used to take pictures and send them through the internet. The various methods learned focus on taking the pictures and sending the pictures. This lab built upon the methods learned in the last lab.

3. Materials and Methods:

                     - ESP32-CAM
                 - Computer
                 - Various connector wires
                 - Push button
                 - Resistor
             Follow the given tutorials from the ESP32-CAM textbook and complete the 8 tasks mentioned in the tutorial. Various pictures are taken using different methods including code, push button, and internet buttons. The taken pictures were also sent through email using different methods as well.

4. Results:

       Task 1
             Figure 1. Task 1 pictures. Pictures taken by themselves.

       Task 2
             Figure 2. Task 2 pictures. Photos with dates and times saved as the name of the picture.

       Task 3
    video link: https://youtu.be/csHPXuvGJ7w

       Task 4
             Figure 3. Using a webserver to take a picture.

       Task 5
             Figure 4. Technical difficulties while trying to use the web server SD card photo manager.

       Task 6
             Figure 5. The farthest the ESP32-CAM loaded this task.

5. Discussion
    For this lab the tutorials were very nicely set up from the textbook. I had some trouble with the picture with the 40 quality so I changed some to 55 or 60. I had trouble getting task 5 to work because the camera capture kept failing. Every now and again the wifi login would fail but would work later that day or even after a few resets.
For task 6, I was still working on getting the ESP32-CAM to connect to the wifi when I ran out of time. Even with all the time I had I still didn't finish my lab. I hope to do better in the future.