CE351 Lab 5 2020 Fall
Accelerometer - MPU6050 and the I2C Communication Protocol
Name: Audra Benally
Email: albenally1@fortlewis.edu

1. Introduction
    In this lab, we learned about the I2C communication protocol used to connect master and slave devices. The protocol allows one master to be connected to and work with multiple slaves using two wires: the SDA and SCL connections. The lab also goes on to show how to use a MPU6050 accelerometer and gyroscope chip to detect three-dimentional movement. Unfortunately, because I have not been to the school in awhile, I was not able to get the MPU6050 chip and therefore was unable to complete this lab as instructed.

2. The Code

                 Figure 1. Accelerometer code from the lab instructions. Untested.

             Figure 2. Gyroscope code from the instructions. Untested.

    I really enjoyed learning about the communication protocols. It's neat learning about how these little chips communicate with eachother. It's cool to know that it's pretty similar to how people communicate with addresses and read or write information. I'm sorry I was not able to finish the lab. I hope this is enough to not get a 0.