CE432 Robotics II
HW4: 3D Printing Tutorial
Name: Audra Benally

Email: albenally1@fortlewis.edu

1. Title: 3D Printing Tutorial

2. Introduction: For this homework assignment I followed a tutorial to print a component that we will be using for our balancing robot car. I created the simple part in SolidWorks and then used another program called Ultimaker Cura to create files that the 3D printer could read. Then a SD card was used to give the 3D printer instructions on how to print my part.

3. Materials and Methods:

                     - SolidWorks Software
                 - Computer
                 - SD card
                 - Ultimaker Cura Software
                 - Tutorial References
                 - 3D Printer
             Download appropriate software from the skysoft site. Use Noah's tutorial to brush up on SolidWorks and design the part needed for the self-balancing robot. Transfer the files to Ultimaker Cura program and rotate it for a solid base. Slice the component and place G code files on an SD card. Clean and cover corner surface with stick glue. Mount SD card and start the 3D printer.

4. Results:

             Figure 1. 3D printer in progress.

             Figure 2. Printed piece.

5. Discussion
    In this lab, I printed my first 3D object! I was a little rusty with SolidWorks but I was able to get the tutorial done with very little issues. The 3D printer was labeled with the information I needed for the Ultimaker Cura program. I got worried when the 3D printer said it would take 2 days but I think that was an estimation for the leftover filament. I had never 3D printed anything before so I was really excited to watch the nozzle criss-cross its way around the part I made in SolidWorks. The process took around 30 minutes and turned out as designed and expected.