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News and Activities:
5/3/2024, Dr. Li receives $3,000 from the FLC Foundation to support supplies for the DOT grant.
5/2/2024, Dr. Li receives $25,000 from Department of Transportation (DOT, learn more about CITPS) to develop an underwater vehicle to monitor bridge scours.
4/25/2024, The Computer Engineering Advising and PAB meeting was successful.
12/5/2023, Dr. Li's lab received another EPA P3 award ($75,000) to develop An Open-Source Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) System for the Rapid and Accurate Detection of Bacteria from Environmental Water Samples.
10/25/2023, Dr. Li's research team traveled to EPA Region 8 in Denver to present their research and tour the EPA labs.

7/21/2023, new paper published
J. Duran and Y. Li. An Ultra-Low-Power LoRa Mesh for Low-Cost and Real-Time Resort Pool Temperature Monitoring. 2023 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Electronic Technology, Communication and Information (ICETCI).
7/12/2023 2023 summer research group photo

5/26/2023 - 5/28/2023 Dr. Li chaired a session at the IEEE CCAI Conference in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

5/2/2023 Dr. Li won another EPA P3 grant ($25k) titled "PCR-Free Environmental Waterborne Bacteria Detection Using Raman Spectroscopy and Deep Learning"

The purpose of this project is to develop a novel method of detecting waterborne bacteria using Raman spectroscopy and deep learning. The specific objectives are to 1) develop a deep learning model and a Raman spectroscopy workstation to rapidly detect environmental waterborne bacteria, 2) use the newly develop workstation to test water samples in the Animas River in Colorado, and 3) educate communities on the importance of water resource protection and the technologies for environmental protection. Deliverables include a final report, as well as a PCR-free, more efficient, alternative method for waterborne bacteria detection. Direct beneficiaries of this program include human health, the environment, and the general public. No subawards are included in this assistance agreement.

4/12/2023 Students attending MRS 2023 in San Francisco

3/23/2023, New paper published: N. Theobald, D. Ledvina, K. Kukula, et al., Identification of Unknown Nanofabrication Chemicals Using Raman Spectroscopy and Deep Learning, IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (2023). PDF
10/12/2022 Dr. Li received $2,000 from FLC TS/R to support the 20th EPA P3 grant application.
9/21/2022 Department Fall Welcome Poster Symposium

7/18/2022 Summer Research Group Picture

5/13/2022, Congratulations to Kaitlyn Kukula for winning the Research Award/the Department Service Award, Taylor Nakai for winning the Outstanding CE Award, and Jesse Duran for winning the Outstanding Employee Award.
4/22/2022, Dr. Li receives $3,500 from FLC Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities.
4/22/2022, Congratulations to Paris Carper, David Lee, Max Krauss, Mason Brady, Ian Van Horn, Calvin Reese, and Connor O'Keefe for winning the Undergrduate Summer Fellowship!
4/18 and 4/20, Congratulations to the two senior seminar teams - GenoDrop and SAR ADC for successfully presenting their work at the symposium.

12/7/2021, Dr. Li received $2,000 for supplies and materials to build A Wearable Early Warning System for Strokes using Remote Signaling and Machine Learning.
11/17/2021, Dr. Li's senior seminar team received $5,000 to tapeout an Analog-to-Digital converter IC chip using the TSMC 180 nm technology.
9/22/2021, Fall Welcome Poster Symposium. Congratulations to Tyrone and Audra for winning the poster competition!

5/26/2021, a new photo of the EPA P3 team

5/6/2021, Congratulations to James Ferguson for receiving the Outstanding CE Student Award.

3/25/2021, Check out our new paper published at IEEE CCWC 2021, Rapid Detection of Bacteria Using Raman Spectroscopy and Deep Learning.
3/22/2021, Dr. Li received $1,997 from the FLC Foundation Grant for lab supplies/consumables to prepare for the NSF RET application.
1/26/2021, Dr. Li received $9,344 from BLaST to purchase a VWR -80 C ultra-low temperature freezer for the long-term storage of the bacteria samples.
9/25/2020, Dr. Li received $1,800 from the TS/R foundation at FLC to support lab supplies and consumables for the Raman Bacteria Detection Project.
9/16/2020, the P&E Department Fall Welcome Poster Symposium.

8/21/2020, the end of summer gatherings with students (outdoor Pizza party).

8/2020, check out our new publications:

Y. Li, H. Cherukury, L. Labanieh, W. Zhao, and D.-K. Kang, Rapid Detection of β-Lactamase-Producing Bacteria Using the Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection (IC 3D) System. Sensors 2020, 20, 4667.

Per Niklas Hedde, Margaux Bouzin, Timothy J Abram, Xiaoming Chen, Melody N Toosky, Tam Vu, Yiyan Li, Weian Zhao, Enrico Gratton. Rapid isolation of rare targets from large fluid volumes. Sci Rep 10, 12458 (2020).

J. Ferguson, J. Duran, W. Killinen, J. Wagner, C. Kulesza, C. Chatterley, and Y. Li*. Rapid detection of E. coli using a field-deployable and low-cost pcr (flc-pcr) thermocycler. IEEE EMBC (42nd Annual International Conferences of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Conference of the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society), (2020).

Y. Li, H. Cherukury, J. Zimak, J. Harrison, E. Peterson, and W. Zhao. Enumeration of Ampicillin-Resistant E. coli in Blood Using Droplet Microfluidics and High-Speed Image Processing. IEEE ISBI 2020 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, (2020).

T. Abram,* H. Cherukury, C. Ou, T. Vu, M. Toledano, Y. Li, J. Grunwald, M. Toosky, D. Tifrea, A. Slepenkin, J. Chong, L. Kong, D. Vanessa Del Pozo, K. La, L. Labanieh, J. Zimak, B. Shen, S. Huang, E. Gratton, E. Peterson, and W. Zhao*. Rapid bacterial detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing in whole blood using one-step, high throughput blood digital PCR. Lab Chip. (2020).

8/2020, students work in the optics lab in the summer of 2020.

Left to right: Tommy Swimmer, Keenen Harvey, Jesse Duran
8/3/2020, summer research students are trained on handling bacteria in a lab (special thanks to Dr. Chatterley for the lab space and the funding from EPA). They will be working on the detection of bacteria using Raman spectroscopy and machine learning (Thanks for the funding from NSF PEAQs, NSF STROBE, and NSF REU to support the internship opportunities for students). Also thank Jessica Lee, Dr. Caroline Kulesza, Dr. Steve Fenster, Kami Parrish-Larson, and the Biology Department to make this happen.

Left to right: Nic Theobald, Denzel Farmer (DHS), Jessica Lee, Kaitlyn Kukula
8/5/2020, Dr. Li received $20,355 from PAATH Equine Technology LLC, to develop an IMU network for lameness detection.
3/31/2020, Dr. Li is awarded $4,500 for two of the FLC OER projects. 
3/10/2020, Dr. Li is awarded $9,900 for developing the online courses for Python Programming, Engineering Fundamentals II, and C++ I.
3/6/2020, Dr. Li is awarded $1,000 from FLC to develop the 'Learning by Doing Robotics' First Year Launch class.
2/29/2020, Dr. Li received $1,640 from the FLC TS/R (traditional research/scholarship) Foundation.
12/13/2020, Dr. Li received $10,000 from Pagosaspring Spa&Resort to develop a distributive temperature sensor IoT network.
10/30/2019, Congrats to our Senior Seminar team for completing the PDR presentation!
10/2/2019, Dr. Li received $2,000 from the FLC TS/R (traditional research/scholarship) Foundation.
9/27/2019, Dr. Li's lab at FLC received $24,864 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a field deployable water quality monitoring system.

7/3/19, phenomenal highschool students with their robots in the 2019 TRIO program.
5/17/19, 2019 TRIO Upward Bound Summer Academy - The Robot Car Project Video (with my favorite music).

2/6/19, Congratulations to Mac Greene who won the 1st FLC Digital Design Contest

9/6/18, The first tapeout IC at Fort Lewis College. From Roxie Sandoval, the course project of ENGR 337 Analog Electronics, 2018 Spring.

7/14/18, Lakemead. Doing research for the summer at UNLV and DRI.
3/30/18, Sports keep you young.
2/23/18, Dr. Yiyan Li received a grant from the FLC TS/R foundation to support the development of DIY drones to map the airborne radiation profile of a large area in the south Colorado region. 
2/22/18, Congratulations to Jacob Harrison who has been chosen to be a Fort Lewis College MARC Scholar! This is a two-year award starting June 1, 2018 and ending May 31, 2020. This award is dependent on continued NIH (National Institute of Health) funding.
2/1/18, Thank you for the generous grant from MOSIS, which enables Integrated Circuit Design at Fort Lewis College!! We will have our powerful server and Cadence configured this summer!!
12/18/17, Dr. Yiyan Li received a grant from the FLC foundation to support the 1st FLC Digital Design Contest.
12/1/17, Surprisingly, Yilectronics.com has many more visitors since I joined FLC. I am glad my efforts helped you guys.
11/21/17, The new review article in micro technologies for bacteria identification becomes the cover of the 22th issue of SLAS Technology. 
11/13/2017, Jacob Harrison presented his study: 'Rapid Single Bacterium Detection Using a High-Speed Video Processing Algorithm' at 'NIH-MARC U*Star Program, Poster Reception and Dinner' at Fort Lewis College.
11/3/2017, Dr. Yiyan Li, Dr. Kirsten Stor, and Dr. Matthew Welz received the Fort Lewis College Teaching Empowerment Award. We will work together to help the Computer Engineering and the Engineering students to improve their math skills in their freshman year.
8/21/2017, 'Total Eclipse' was happening. The photo was taken use the special sun glass in front of my phone's camera around 11:30 am. More about the 'Total Eclipse'.

Projections from my friend Tina in NJ:

8/11/2017, My new invited review article is published in SLAS Technology (previously Journal of Laboratory Automation):
Y. Li, X. Yang, and W. Zhao. Emerging Microtechnologies and Automated Systems for Rapid Bacterial Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. SLAS Technology, (2017).
8/10/2017, Just settled down and biking to school in Durango, CO.
7/25/2017, Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin. Farewell dinner with the Zhao Lab at UCIrvine. Thank you everyone!!

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