CE433 Embedded Devices Spring 2022
Homework 2 - Data types
Name: Ryan Jeanes

Email: rejeanes@fortlewis.edu

Homework 2 - Data Types
Task 1 and 2

Fig. 1 - Page one of written homework

Fig. 2 - Second page of written homework

Task 2 - Section 11

Fig. 3 - Vim window of vector code

Fig. 4 - Simulation of vector code
Task 3 

Fig. 5 - Vim window showing code used for section 14.1

Fig. 6 - Example of home alarm code on FPGA board, LED is off.

Fig. 7 - Another example of home alarm code on FPGA, LED is on.

Fig.8 - Vim window showing digital safe code.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to generate the bitstream for the digital safe code, despite everything else building without error. I'm not sure what the issue was.