CE 433 Report - Softcore
Max Krauss
Email: mtkrauss@fortlewis.edu

In this tutorial, we implemeted KCPSM6 architecture on our Basys3 board in multiple different ways.

3. The workflow of SoC design using KCPSM6 and Basys 3

4. The Square Problem

5. Assembly example: adding a 0x13 to the LEDs

6. Assembly example: use the MASK

7. Assembly example: shift the sw input to the right by one bit

8. Assembly example: use jump, return, and load instructions

9. Assembly example: practice with multiple subroutines

Figure 9.1: Practice w/ Multiple subroutines.

10. Assembly example: use the 'compare' instruction instead

Figure 10.1: Changes made to implement task 10. The output looks identical to task 9.

11. Assembly programming task - design an assembly code to show the number of switches that are ON on the LEDs in the binary form.

Figure 11.1: Code for task 11.

Results: This tutorial allowed a brief glimpse into the world of Assembly language or low-level programming. This was fun to implement because it involves alot of moving parts in order to program the Basys3 with KCPSM6.