Engineering Fundamentals 2 - 20484 - ENGR 104 - 1, Fall 2017

Dr. Yiyan Li, Office Hours: MWF 3-5 pm, starting Aug 28

Lectures/videos/notes/Homework assignments/due dates

**Important: Follow the instructions to install Office 2016 and Matlab.


1. Basic Information

Time & Place:

Lecture: 8/28/17 – 12/15/17, MWF 8 am – 8:55 am, SFH 2771


Yiyan Li: SFH 2755B,,

Course Website:

Teaching Assistant:


The mandatory final for this class is scheduled for Monday, December 11, at 7:30 a.m., in your regularly scheduled classroom.

3.0 Credits

2. Course Overview

The focus of this course is on the fundamentals of mathematical/engineering computing: algorithm development, computer programming, and verification and interpretation of results.  Two widely available and widely used software packages will be introduced in this course: MATLAB and Excel.

3. Prerequisite

MATH 121 - Pre-calculus (or equivalent).

The software products Microsoft Excel 2016 and MATLAB R2017a will be used.  Student versions of these products are available as free downloads via Skysoft.  Go to the webpage and follow the instructions.  Please contact me if you have questions or issues.

4. Textbook

MATLAB, An Introduction with Applications, 5th Edition, Amos Gilat.  (4th Edition is similar enough).  MATLAB text will be needed starting about week 3.

5. Grading

A: >=93, A: >=90, B+: >=87, B: >=83, B-: >=80, C+: >=77, C: >=73, C-: >=70, D+: >=67, D: >=63, D-: >=60, F: <60

Homework 40%

Three in-class exams 40%

Final 20%

6. Course Outcomes

       Identify the inputs and outputs from an engineering problem and write a detailed algorithm to solve the problem.

       Test a detailed algorithm using a hand calculated example.

       Exhibit good programming practices including comments, program organization, understandable input requests, descriptive output tables and graphs, and effectively utilize program flow constructs including looping, logic constructs, and functions.

       Use Excel and/or Matlab to solve engineering problems.

7. Policies

       Laptops can be used for programming during the lecture.

       Exam and quiz are close book close notes unless specified.

     The final exam will not be returned at the end of the semester, not even temporarily for you to review. Regularly being tardy for lectures, leaving in the middle of lectures, or earlier from lectures is unacceptable without prior consent of the instructor.

       Cheating or plagiarism will result in an automatic F grade in the course (so do your own homework and projects).

 **** "Fort Lewis College is committed to providing all students a liberal arts education through a personalized learning environment. If you think you have or you do have a documented disability which will need reasonable academic accommodations, and/or if you are a Veteran who may need services, please contact the Disability Services Office, 280 Noble Hall, 970-247-7383, for an appointment as soon as possible.” 

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